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Take your reception to an entirely new level with one of the newest trends in weddings!  We will set up special lighting fixtures that will project colored lighting against the walls of your venue.  You may choose 1 or 2 colors (most clients choose 1 of their wedding colors to stay with their theme).  This will help create a much more elegant, modern atmosphere, especially if your venue is very plain looking.  If you truly want your wedding to have a different look and feel than all of your friends and relatives recent weddings, then this is definitely for you!


PRICE:  $150 for 10 lights

OR, $30 per light (if you need less than 10 lights)




What color(s) can I choose for the uplighting?

​Whatever you want!  We have a few popular "pre-set" colors or we can also do custom color requests.  It's all up to you!


How many uplights do I get?

Our standard uplighting package comes with 10 lights.  However, if you don't feel the need for all 10 lights, you can rent them at $30 per light.


How do you choose where the uplights are placed?

We place the fixtures as evenly as possible around the perimeter your reception room, but if you have any special requests, we will do our best to accommodate them!


May I exchange the normal lighting effects in the DJ packages for uplighting?
No.  Uplighting is a completely separate service than the DJ packages.
Are there any special discounts for uplighting (seasonal, Friday/Sunday, etc.)?

For weddings, if you book the "Ultimate Night" DJ package (featuring the company owner, Brian Cahill, as your personal DJ), then you can receive a $50 discount on the uplighting.  For non-wedding events, there are no special discounts.







Interested in booking uplighting for your event? Let's Talk.​

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