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Are you a full-time company?

​YES!  Just ask your venue, your photographer, your planner, etc.  We're a legitimate full-time professional company!


Are you insured?

Yes, we carry more than the standard amount of liability and equipment insurance.  An entertainment company that is uninsured is most likely NOT a full-time professional.


How many DJs work for Ultimate Nights?

There are 6 DJs that work for Ultimate Nights.  We'll only book a maximum of 4 events per date so we always have 2 backup DJs as well as 2 sets of backup equipment available in case of an emergency.  Also, keeping our maximum to just 4 events per date allows us to give each client the special personalized attention that they and their event deserve!


How much interaction will my DJ have with my guests?

As much or as little as you want!  We have a very NON-CHEESY style and typically we will get your guests to clap their hands or sing along to certain parts of songs, but seriously, it's nothing beyond that.  Our goal is to keep the spotlight on YOU and your guests and NOT ourselves.  We don't bring hula hoops, silly hats, or inflatable instruments.  Cheese is something for your caterer to worry about, not us!


Will my DJ take breaks?

NEVER!  You'll hear continuous music throughout your event.


What type of attire do you wear?

It's your choice.  Your DJ can wear a tuxedo, a suit and tie, or something more casual if your event calls for it.


Can I request a particular DJ?

Yes, but it's not required.  See our package descriptions for more details.


If I don't request a particular DJ, how do you determine which DJ I get?

We take several factors into consideration, with some being your musical preferences, the location of your event, and which DJs are available on your event date.

Can I "peek in" on someone else's reception and see one of the DJs in person before I decide to hire your company?

We don't allow this due to the privacy of our clients and their events.  However, we can provide you with a large number of testimonials and references from recent Brides and Grooms who were very delighted with our services!

Can I meet my actual DJ prior to my event?

Yes, but it's not required.

If I don't want any lighting effects that come with the DJ packages, can I get a discount?

No.  The package prices are the same whether you want any lighting effects or not.

May I exchange the lighting effects for uplighting?

No.  Uplighting is a completely separate service than the DJ packages.

Am I required to provide my DJ with a meal?

For weddings, yes.  For non-wedding events, no.

Am I required to tip my DJ?

It's completely your decision, but occasionally we do receive tips from happy clients, usually in an amount between $50-$100, but once again, it's your call.

How much music will I be able to choose?

We have a special online request list that you can use to tell us which songs you want to hear, any songs that MUST be played, and songs, artists, or styles of music that you DO NOT WANT to be played.

If I want certain songs that aren't on your online request list, will you get them?

We probably already have them as we obtain new music all the time, and if we don't, we will certainly get them for you.

I am an absolute control freak.  May I give you a color-coded spreadsheet containing 247 songs that also lists what order the songs should be played in?

No.  If you desire this much control over the music, then we suggest you rent a sound system and take care of the entertainment yourself.

Again, I am an absolute control freak.  May I make my own timeline for you to follow?

No.  Our online planning form lays out every detail of a typical wedding reception (times, bridal party names, formal events, special songs, etc.), and it will help you and us stay organized so we can give you the best experience possible.  However, we do accept timelines from professional wedding planners.

May I pick a different introduction song for each couple in my bridal party?

No.  Most clients pick just one introduction song for their entire bridal party.  If you desire, we will allow you to select a different song for the Bride & Groom's introduction, but we do not allow anything more specific than that.  In most cases it's pointless to play a different song for each couple because they have a very short distance to walk into the venue.

Do you take requests from guests?

Yes, but with respect to the "boundaries" which you set for us.  For example, if you don't want any country music played and a guest requests a country song, we'll politely tell them that you asked us to not play any country music on your special day.  If a guest requests a song that is already on your request list or complements your request list, then we'll definitely play it!

May I hire your company but have a friend or family member make all the announcements? 
No.  If you desire this scenario, then we suggest you rent a sound system and take care of the entertainment yourself.
How much advertising will you do at my event?

The only advertising we'll do is place a small stack of business cards on our table.  That's it.  We don't need to splash tacky signs or banners everywhere to get new business and we won't treat your reception as an infomercial for our company.  More often than not, prospective clients approach us, not the other way around.

Do you REALLY refuse to play The Chicken Dance?

We'd rather not play it because it's the cheesiest song ever recorded, and we're a very NON-CHEESY entertainment company, but if you insist, we'll play it.

Interested in hiring us for your event? Let's Talk.​

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