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The hottest trend in weddings today!  Our photo booth package includes...

- Enclosed style booth (with curtain).

- Unlimited time of use at your event (for weddings).

- Unlimited photos, so your guests can use the booth repeatedly!

- 2 height-adjustable chairs for your guests to sit on.

- Attendant to assist guests and keep things running smoothly.

- Multiple copies of photo strips printed so everybody in each picture can have one!

- Color and black & white photos available.

- Full customization of photo strips (names, wedding

date, and more!)

- Photos will print in about 10 seconds.

- Flash drive containing all photos taken.


WEDDING PRICE:  $595 ($695 if not using our DJ services)


*Travel fees may apply




Interested in booking our photo booth for your event? Let's Talk.

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The photo booth was a lot of fun!  I think that people really enjoyed it and I loved how engaged the photo booth operator was.  I was also impressed that he was willing to pull back the curtain a couple times to let larger groups get in the shot.  That was really cool of him and it made everything more fun!  Also, thank you for the flash drive with all the pictures on it!

-Jessica & Billy Landerwedding reception at Toledo Country Club, 9/23/23

As far as the photo booth goes, I was happy with the gentleman who helped out with it.  I liked that he helped our guests sign under their photo strips in our scrapbook.  As you know, we got caught up with talking to guests and never made it to the photo booth (and that’s on us because we told you we would, ha ha).  So, we super appreciated when, after starting to tear the booth down, he re-set it up so that we could get our pictures taken!  Thank you again for doing that!

-Makenna & Ed Uher, wedding reception at Sunrise Park & Banquet Center, 6/3/23

The photo booth was my FAVORITE part of the reception!  People of all ages LOVED it and the pictures were great quality!  Our guests were a little on the crazy side but that just made the pictures better, haha!  It was an excellent addition and I am so glad we decided to do it!  Your attendant helped to make such an awesome scrapbook for us and I enjoyed getting the thumb drive with all the pictures on it!  So much FUN!

-Brittany & Andy Zagorsky, wedding reception at Nazareth Hall, 4/22/23



Are props included with the photo booth?

Props are not included.  Do you want your guests wear props that have already been used by hunderds of people?  Probably not.  However, you're welcome to bring your own and we'll help your guests use them!  We suggest going to Party City or a similar store and buying a bunch of cheap, disposable props that can be thrown away at the end of your event.


Is a photo album included with the photo booth?

An album is not included.  We'd rather you bought your own album that you'll be happy with than charge you for one that you might not like (just like the props).  Please keep in mind that our photo booth attendant will place the photo strips in your album however you'd like.


What do I have to provide for the photo booth?

The props and album (if you'd like to have them).  Also, you must provide any pens, glue sticks, tape, or anything else needed to secure the photo strips into your album.  We also need a standard banquet table (6 foot or 8 foot) to set your props and album on.  Usually, your venue can provide this table.

How many people can fit in the photo booth at once?

As many as you want to try and squeeze in there!  Two height-adjustable chairs are included but your guests can remove one or even both of them for certain pictures they want to take.

Is the photo booth set to just color or just black & white photos for the whole night?

Of course not!  Each time a guest enters the booth they can choose whether they want their photo strip to be color or black & white, so it can be switched interchangably during the night!

Is there an "idle hour" for dinner?

Yes, the photo booth will shut down for 1 hour during dinner at your reception.


Are there any special discounts for the photo booth (seasonal, Friday/Sunday, etc.)?

For weddings, the price of the photo booth is actually $695 for stand-alone bookings (meaning the client is not using our DJ services).  This special $595 price is for all our DJ clients so you are already receiving a $100 discount!  However, if you book the "Ultimate Night" DJ package (featuring the company owner, Brian Cahill, as your personal DJ), then you can receive an additional $50 discount!  There are no further discounts though, as we believe this is already a tremendous value for everything that's included in the package.  For non-wedding events, there are no special discounts.


Am I required to provide my photo booth attendant with a meal?

For weddings, yes.  For non-wedding events, no.


If my event is to be held outside of Toledo, will there be a travel fee?

Yes.  It will be the same travel fee for DJ services (based on the location of your event; please see the travel fees on the Weddings page for further details), as due to the size of the photo booth, it must be transported in a separate vehicle.


How many photo booth bookings can you do per date?

JUST ONE!  So when it's booked, it's booked!


If I end up NOT hiring you for DJ services for my wedding, can I still book the photo booth?

Yes, but the wedding price is $695 instead of $595.

Interested in booking our photo booth for your event? Let's Talk.​

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